Bagel Dough Marbled

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Our premium quality raw dough bagels (unbaked bagels) can be delivered to your bagel store.  You will be able to save money on ingredients, machinery and labor.  By ordering the dough from us, you won’t need a mixer, nor would you need a bagel former and divider.  Working with messy flour will be a thing of the past.  All the while, you will be able to bake off premium gourmet New York Bagels, and serve your customers a great tasting consistent bagel.  Your customers will be able to smell the aroma of the freshly baked bagels.  This is a perfect solution for bagel shops and bakeries.Bagel Baking Steps For a Revolving OvenSTEP 1:      Place 24 pieces of our frozen pre-formed bagels on a proof board.  The proof board, usually an 18 inch by 26 inch board, should be lightly dusted with corn meal prior to the bagels being placed on the board.  Be sure to evenly space out the bagels. STEP 2:      Proof the bagels overnight in a walk-in refrigerator (generally 12 to 18 hours).  The ideal temperature range is 36 degrees to 48 degrees Fahrenheit.   STEP 3:      Once the bagels are proofed, place the bagels in boiling water (ideally in a bagel kettle) for 10 to 20 seconds. STEP 4:      Immediately after boiling the bagels, place the bagels on bagel boards.  If you are making seeded bagels, remember to layer the board with seeds prior to placing the bagels on the board.   Additionally, once the bagels are on the board, you can add seeds onto the top of the bagels.  You can now place the bagels in the oven.  In a revolving oven, after 1 to 2 rotations, flip the bagels over.  The ideal temperature for your oven is 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit.  Approximate cooking time is 12 minutes.  The bagels are ready once they are golden brown.  Please keep in mind that temperature ranges and time will vary depending on the oven.  So please adjust accordingly.

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